Is Waterproof Sunscreen Okay for a Baby?

Waterproof sunscreen is safe for babies older than 6 months. Nevertheless, the best way to protect babies from the harmful effects of the sun is to keep them in the shade.    If you wish to sunbathe on a beach, don’t bring your baby with you.    On the other hand, if you have to […]

The Value of Group Therapy in Los Angeles

Going to therapy is a commitment to personal growth.  In general, the value in attending therapy is learning healthy coping skills that help build a rewarding life.  The benefits of attending group therapy is that group members will learn from other peers. They share the same issues they are facing and make them feel understood, […]

Dealing with a Physical Dependence Alcohol

Finding that you or a loved one has a strong dependency on alcohol can be difficult. What may have begun as seemingly innocent can quickly turn worse, where alcohol is consumed and abused each day. While you may think that you have your drinking under control and can function well, the truth is much different. […]

High End Fashion at Susanna BH

When most of us think of high-end fashion, your mind may immediately turn to those names you see in newspapers and magazines often. You see dresses and items that can cost tens of thousands of dollars and may not have much practical use for you in the world you live in. You want clothing that […]

Secrets of the island coupons

For centuries, the residents of the Bahamas have been using salts scrubs to soothe and exfoliate their skins. These salts are made using a secret recipe which are been preserved by passing down over the generation. Embarking on a treasure hunt mission, the company set out to find this rare recipe which has been known […]