The Value of Group Therapy in Los Angeles

Going to therapy is a commitment to personal growth.  In general, the value in attending therapy is learning healthy coping skills that help build a rewarding life.  The benefits of attending group therapy is that group members will learn from other peers. They share the same issues they are facing and make them feel understood, less alone and isolated.  It also provides a sense of belonging. A community with bases in a safe and supportive environment to share vulnerabilities with each other. If you are interested in joining a group, Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy & Associates offer different types of group therapy in Los Angeles.

Learn from the Experiences of the Group

People find self healing differently and some people like to find healing within a group setting where they can see themselves in relation to others.  This is what Grazel Garcia calls, “the Self, in relation to Others”. You can expect group therapists/facilitators to provide safety to group members. Consequently experiencing the sensation of “coming together” and that another sees them.  As a result, group members gain more insight into the impact of their spoken thoughts and feelings when faced with other group members sharing similar interests and disinterests.

Changing events happen when group members learn to relate with others with less reactivity and increased responsiveness.  As a result, they take these in-group learning experiences to the outside world with increased confidence in relating to others in social group settings.

Learn about Group Therapy in Los Angeles

Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy & Associates offers different types of group therapy.  Firstly, it is important to know that there are two different modes of group therapy; one being a group therapy with psychoeducational orientation and a  group therapy with process orientation.  Some groups are a hybrid of these two modes, a group therapy with psychoeducation and process orientation. A psychoeducational group focuses on teaching about a certain topic. They are more of an approach with more structure and involves reading materials and homework. 

Group Therapy in Los Angeles

For example, you will most likely find psychoeducational groups about Healthy Relationships, Assertiveness, Addiction or Harm-Reduction. A process-oriented group is focused on providing a space to process and share about emotions that become harder to manage. Process groups topics can range from LGBTQ groups, codependency, repairing strained relationships, grief and loss, divorce, multiculturalism groups, etc.

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