Visit Cookies Dispensary for the Best Edibles Palm Springs Has to Offer

Given the desert location, it is often hard to keep edibles on hand in Palm Springs, as gummies and cookies melt easily in the sun. Despite this, Cookies Dispensary carries a wide selection of edibles that will not melt or ruin in these hot weather conditions. These include the Wyld gummies and several different types of THC-infused drinks such as Dixies Brands and Keef Brands. All of these options will stay in their natural form and correct dosage making them the best edibles Palm Spring has to offer.

It is very important, especially for inexperienced cannabis users, to dose edibles correctly. Because THC is entering your bloodstream when eating an edible, it is possible for users to feel the effects at different times and for different time lengths. Given this, users must start with an exactly measured piece with at most 10mg per piece. When edibles melt, however, the THC content can spread throughout the edible, making pieces vary with THC milligrams. When the edible is re-frozen, 50mg of THC maybe now be in one piece while another piece may have 0mg.

To avoid this issue when visiting or living in a hot desert-like Palm Springs, visit Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs to check out heat-resistant edibles.

Edibles Palm Springs Will does not Destroy with Heat

Cookies Dispensary Palm Springs has a very wide selection of edibles, including specific options that are resistant to the power of the desert sun. The Wyld brand of gummies is one of the only edibles on the market that do not melt and are carried at Cookies Dispensary. The THC drink options also contain a very consistent amount of THC throughout the entirety of the liquid and of course do not melt in the sun. Read on to learn more about these products.

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