Is Waterproof Sunscreen Okay for a Baby?

Waterproof sunscreen is safe for babies older than 6 months. Nevertheless, the best way to protect babies from the harmful effects of the sun is to keep them in the shade. 


If you wish to sunbathe on a beach, don’t bring your baby with you. 


On the other hand, if you have to go out with your baby, ensure that your baby dresses in protective clothing. Put a hat with a brim as well. 


You should also prevent your baby from getting overheated. Use an umbrella or a pop-tent if possible to provide your baby with enough shade. 


Waterproof Sunscreen for Babies Older Than 6 Months 

Sunscreen is okay for babies older than 6 months. However, you can’t just pick any sunscreen. 


Experts recommend choosing broad-spectrum sunscreens with at least SPF 30. The higher the number, the better. 


You need to apply a liberal amount to your baby’s exposed skin. And just like applying this product to an adult’s skin, you need to reapply it every two hours. 


However, if your baby spends time in the water, re-applying it must be done every 1 hour. 


Is Sunscreen Irritating for Babies? 

It depends on the kind of sunscreen. Not all sunscreen products are baby-skin-friendly. 


The FDA requires sunscreen to put labels stating that the product is safe for babies over six months. If the sunscreen you wish to use for your baby doesn’t have such a label, then it’s likely that it’s not suitable for babies. 


When you shop for sunscreen for babies, you may find that some products are chemical sunscreen while others are mineral sunscreens. 


Chemical sunscreens contain chemical formulations. They use oxybenzone, which is known to be a high health concern hazard. In that case, they can irritate your baby’s skin. 


In that case, the better option between the two products is mineral sunscreen. 


However, you don’t have to be stuck between two products. You can choose a sunscreen containing natural ingredients. 


At Arizona Sun, you will find oil-free sunscreen that is ideal for babies. The sunscreens contain natural ingredients. They are non-greasy and they definitely are PABA-free. 


Their ingredients include blended native cacti that you can only find in Arizona. 


All of our sunscreens here are naturally blended. In that case, they are safe to be used on kids and babies. 


It’s also worth noting that our sunscreen doesn’t contain chemicals that can cause negative effects on coral reefs in the ocean. 


Furthermore, our sunscreen doesn’t have that “sunscreen smell.” Thus, your baby won’t be annoyed. 


Since it only contains natural ingredients, your little one’s skin will feel softer. Even if you use it on your kids with eczema, it won’t cause a flare-up. 


And to top it off, our sunscreens at Arizona Sun are the least expensive, despite them containing natural ingredients. 

Waterproof Sunscreen

Arizona Sunscreens 

The lowest SPF you can find in Arizona is 15. Higher SPFs are also available. But all of them contain 44 natural plants and cacti that we obtained from the desert. 

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