Psychologist Beverly Hills for Newly Divorced Parent

Divorce can take a toll on your health and finances. If you are a newly divorced parent, you might want to consider talking to a psychologist in Beverly Hills to help you face the challenges ahead.

As the holidays are near, newly divorced parents will have a hard time facing the truth, i.e. you are no longer together with your partner for many years.

Psychologist in Beverly Hills on How to Face Ex During Holiday Parties 

Many events during the holidays will increase your likelihood to have a run-in with your ex. There could be school gatherings and family dinners. 

One way to face it, is to get grounded. It is a coping strategy to assist you in feeling the present and in the moment. You are more in touch with your surroundings. When you are grounded, you can avoid becoming overwhelmed with your emotions. In that way, you can prevent yourself from being too reactive.

How to Get Grounded

Plenty of ways to do it. Breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation can all do the trick. You should also practice being in the moment. That is, focus on your breathing as you notice the details of your surroundings. 

Practice What You Say 

Consider practicing what you wish to say when running into your ex. You can prepare sentences that you can say at any time. Doing so will help you keep a level head. But it should be a neutral topic. 

Avoid Discussing Areas of Conflict

However, if something conflicting comes up, start responding by telling your ex-partner to set a time to discuss the matter as it is not the appropriate time and place to do so right now.

Psychologist in Beverly Hills 

Keep Neutral 

You must keep a neutral face and tone to your ex, even though your ex did a terrible thing to you that resulted in the divorce. You must always handle things in a calm demeanor. It is especially true if you have kids. Your children, too, have to deal with your divorce and it is traumatic for them. 

What If Your Ex Spoils Your Kids 

It is one of the challenges that you may face. But no matter how your ex is spoiling your kids, make sure to explain your concerns but do not criticize. Find ways to boost your values and show your kids that getting gifts is not the only way to be happy.

Talk to Our Counselor

It is tough to deal with the challenges associated with divorce. But you should not go through this path alone. You can find help by talking to a licensed psychologist, like Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. 

She is indeed a known marriage counselor. However, she could also help you resolve your conflicts with your ex. You may wish to invite your ex to get counseling together. However, if you wish to be alone, you can do so. What is important here is that you have someone to guide you through these challenging times.

To know more about how one of the best psychologists in Beverly Hills can assist you in your divorce and getting a new life, please schedule an appointment through (310) 359-9450.