These Foods Could Be Damaging Your Enamel but Zahnarzt Luzern Is Here For You

Maintaining healthy enamel and having healthy teeth means keeping up with healthy routines. As you probably know, you should get your teeth cleaned at least once every six months to remove excess plaque and have a check your oral health. When you want to keep your mouth and teeth healthy outside of dentist zahnarzt luzern office, you should focus on daily brushing and flossing. You should also be aware of what you eat. Some of us don’t take the time to consider that food can harm our teeth. If you want to keep your enamel healthy think before you reach for you next snack or drink. You may not know it but items as simple and innocent as mints and cough drops which can your enamel. They tend to sit in one spot in your mouth where their acidity builds and works away at your enamel. To save your enamel when in need of a mint, reach for sugar free options.

Other foods to be mindful of are dried fruits like raisins. You may think it’s a healthy snack compared to chips or candy but raisins and dried fruits like to stick in your tooth. It’s hard to remove them once you’ve eaten them and they can remain in the nooks and crannies for hours, causing tooth decay. For those of us that don’t want to give up our fruit snacks, consider flossing following your snack to clear up those stubborn areas that can damage your enamel. You may also like beer or wine in the evenings or with your lunch, but alcoholic drinks can dry your mouth. This can cause bad breath and worse, the acidity in the alcohol can work away at your enamel. If you want to have a drink, don’t shy away, just be sure to brush your teeth about a half hour after your last drink so that you can protect the health of your teeth.

If you like to have a soft drink every now and then, you may want to switch to water. Soft drinks have acidity that can tear away at your teeth. The acid in soft drinks softens your enamel and brushing soon after can do a lot more damage than you might imagine. Switching to unsweetened iced tea or water can be a better option to keep your teeth safe. If you think that zero calorie soft drinks make be better, they aren’t as they still have that dangerous acidity that you want to avoid. Avid gym goers may like to use sports drinks to keep their electrolytes up. It can help you remain energizes through your session, but it can be damaging to your teeth. Sports drinks tend to stick to your teeth’s enamel for a while after drinking. Again, plain water might be better for your overall health. Having healthy, long lasting teeth should be every one’s goal. The best step to ensure that your oral health is on the right track is having regular checkups. You can schedule your next appointment with the Zahnarzt Luzern Cliniodent Team today by calling them at 041 420 90 80 or requesting an appointment via their website. They’re looking forward to helping you on the path to great oral health.