You Need to Have Your Airplane Airworthiness Certificate in Order to Fly

There are a few documents that will be necessary for you to fly your aircraft at all, which includes your registration and the aircraft’s airplane airworthiness certificate. While most people seem to have a grasp on the former one, the latter one tends to give them some trouble. Allow us to explain.

What is an Airplane Airworthiness Certificate?

This Federal Aviation Administration document that grants authorization to operate an aircraft in flight? What does that mean? Well, it means that in order for an aircraft to be allowed to fly at all, it needs to be certified as able and safe to do so by the Federal Aviation Administration. This ensures that only those airplanes that don’t represent a danger to their crew or passengers can operate. Think of it as a sort of quality control on the part of the FAA. To obtain the airplane airworthiness certificate, a registered owner (or someone officially acting on their behalf) has to apply for it. You can conveniently do so here on our platform.

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