US Vessel, Now How Do You Stay in Compliance?

Did you just purchase your first US vessel? Or, have you gotten your first vessel in some time, and you aren’t sure about how to proceed in getting the right documentation? We designed the Maritime Documentation Center for vessel owners of all kinds. Whether this is your first vessel or your thousandth (or any number in between) we make it that much easier to get all of the documentation you need.

US Vessel Documentation

Using your vessel for commercial fishing is a great way to make money. Fishing is one of those industries that, while it may fluctuate, will always be necessary. To get into it, one thing you’ll need: a Fishery endorsement. You’ll want to click on that when you register your vessel with us. Remember, so long as you’re using your vessel to fish in the navigable waters of the United States or two hundred (or less) miles off of the US coast (the Exclusive Economic Zone or “EEZ”) then this endorsement is a necessity.


You’re Going to Use Your Vessel for Paid Transportation

Do you plan on using your vessel to transport people or goods? Maybe you’re going to give tours of a lake, or perhaps transport them from one side of a river to another. If you’re going to use your vessel for those purposes or anything remotely similar to them, then the right thing for you to do is to get a “Coastwise” endorsement.


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