Speaker Timer Clock Electronic Devices

In the field of debate, and public speaking in general, the moderators’ speaker timer could not be more crucial. Without it, there would be very poor organization and the speaker’s effect on the audience would be greatly diminished. With the speaker timer playing such an important role, it is obvious how necessary a quality device is. However quality products often come at a very high price which makes them somewhat inaccessible to those of more modest means. In the past, this issue has forced consumers to choose between an excellent product and an affordable one. Luckily, being stuck with this difficult decision is a thing of the past.

E Device Inc

Electronic Devices Inc. took the initiative to cater to the need for a professional grade speaker timer at a reasonable price. After countless hours in research and development not to mention hunting for the parts from the most economical providers to cut down on production costs, we were in position to create the product everyone has been waiting for.

The Speaker Timer Clock by Electronic Devices Inc. is sleek, precise, and compact. We designed it to be the perfect managing tool for any public debate, professional panel discussion, or business meeting. Clear labeling and simple design makes for easy operation and drastically lowers the chance of operator misuse. Aside from serving its purpose with precision and ease, we achieved our goal of producing the Speaker Timer Clock at a fraction of the price of products of similar quality. With such success in achieving the goals we set for our product, we at Electronic Devices Inc. are very excited to make our Speaker Timer Clock available to the public.


Of the many convenient features of our Speaker Timer Clock, it comes with four preprogrammed timer settings from five to forty-five minutes. Research of the most common increments of time used for public speaking was used to decide the preprogrammed settings. Our Speaker Timer Clock also offer manual timing adjustment at the tip of your finger anywhere from one to ninety nine minutes. Pause and restart are also essential functions built in to aid with any interruptions or unforeseen circumstances. All features are designed to advocate the most precise, smooth, and professional public speaking experience possible. Top tier computer programmers created every piece of operation software the Speaker Timer Recorder uses to ensure reliability, product longevity, as well as a user friendly experience.

With so many factors making the Speaker Timer Recorder from Electronic Devices Inc. a clearly exemplary product, we are confident that your expectations will be undoubtedly exceeded. For more information, visit our website attached to the link below. We look forward to providing you with the greatest speaker timer you have had the pleasure of using.