The Guide to Betting on The Point Spread in NFL Games and to getting free NFL expert picks

Point spread is one of the most popular forms, but also most confusing of betting on NFL games. Most people are used to betting on wins or rushing yards, but something eludes most fans is betting on point spread.

Let’s cover all the basics of betting on the point spread in NFL. Tony’s Picks breaks down the basics and provide some insightful advice on everything you need to know to bet like a pro and end up getting some free NFL expert picks along the way.

How does it work

Betting on the point spread was invested by odds makers to give people a chance to guess the margin of victory. Before, there were just winners or quarter leads to bet. Point spread betting change everything, as it urged people to focus on the more analytical part in football. The betting system is pretty simple. Here is everything you need to know.

  • The two teams involved are marked either as the underdog or the favorite. The favorite is marked with a “-” sign and the underdog has a “+” symbol.
  • Basically, if the favorite team is marked like this “Dallas Cowboys -4.5”, it means that the Cowboys have to win by 5 or more points if you are to win your bet.
  • An underdog team is marked as “Miami Dolphins +5.5”. This means that they have to win or lose by 6 points or less for your bet to go through.

The system is pretty clear. It’s always easier to bet on the underdog team as they can afford a loss. However, one downside is that NFL often sees double-digit losses. This oftentimes brings uncertainty, in addition to a bigger win.

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What else do you have to know?

To maximize your chances in betting on the point spread in NFL games, you need to follow football closely on a weekly basis. For example, if the Lions had won 6 games in a row, the safer bet would be to be on the other team to win or lose by a certain number of points. Team on a momentum either lose or have to grind out difficult wins.

Take the offensive and defensive rating into consideration. If a team is adept in defense, they are much less likely to win by large margins. The only exception is if they also have a high offensive rating. Dig deeper into the analysis of specific players. If Tom Brady is in good shape, this gives you an indication that you should select the Patriots as favorites.

Some players are also injury prone, so you should expect them to get injured and affect their teams’ performance if they played a few games in a row. Watch out for new additions. Are we completely sure that OBJ will transform the browns while their defensive line still leaves a lot to be desired?

Betting on the point spread in the NFL requires research, analysis and time invested. Tony’s Picks work hard to help you earn money on NFL games. Their daily picks are supported by infographics, statistics and hard evidence. It’s your time to make money.