Go For Glamour with a Production Studio Rental

Production spaces in Los Angeles are in high demand, and many studio companies have knocked down old buildings and installed brand new spaces in response to this. If you are trying to create something with a particular feeling in mind, you may be frustrated by the lack of glamour in many popular locations. Rather than trying to force a feeling of the Golden Age of Film onto a building which has no past, you might prefer instead to make use of production studio rental space at Mack Sennett Studios. These buildings have a long history connected to film, and could make a suitable backdrop for your shoot.

Find Somewhere Unique Today

The secret of the studios lies in the fact that they are almost totally unique when it comes to the preservation of historic property. The original buildings were constructed over 100 years ago, at the very start of the film empire that Los Angeles was to become.  It has had many famous people work with it and is still located in a desirable district close to the glamour of celebrity Los Angeles. As a fantastically unique space, it will be ideal for your productions, whatever you are choosing to do.

Video Production Los Angeles

Old broken rusty stage spotlights in abandoned theater.

A History of Film-Making

As well as being known for the famous people who played in a film there, including Charlie Chaplain and others, the Mack Sennett Studios should also be noted for their encouragement of creativity in directors and producers. The famous comedienne Mabel Normand started her directing roles there, one of the first women to do so in Hollywood. She was working at a time when the studio was in high demand – now only a few films are made in Hollywood and the studio serves as a background to a host of other creative entertainment.

Experience the History of Mack Sennett’s Studios

When you want to recapture some of the histories of Golden Age Hollywood, Mack Sennett Studios can offer you the ideal location. Their teams are here to help you get what you want from their locations, including providing support for their production crew. To find the perfect production studio rental space, you might look at one of Mack Sennett’s two enormous stages, where films were once made regularly, or you might try their much smaller Woodshop space, still with many original features. To explore opportunities for production here, send them your questions, or call them on 323-660-8466 today.