Free NFL Expert Picks for MVP 2019

It is still early to take a pick for MVP 2019. However, at Tony’s Picks, they already have free NFL expert picks for this topic. There are a few names that they can guarantee to stick around in the conversation. Their service can give you some dark horses as well.

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Quarterbacks are a favorite to receive the trophy. The first few favorites in the early betting odds are QBs. It makes sense considering they are the ones who need to put more effort to give their team a victory.  

One of the favorites is Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City Chiefs. Throughout his first full year, he threw 5097 yards and 50 touchdowns. He is the kind of man who knows nothing but NFL success. Mahomes is really that good. However, history will work against him.

In that last 20 years, Peyton Manning is the only one who won back to back MVP awards in NFL. It is true that Mahomes can be a sure-fire to bag the coveted title. But there are plenty of other players who are qualified for such a throne.  After Mahomes, other free NFL expert picks for MVP would include Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, Andrew Luck, and Carson Wentz.  

Among these picks, Carson Wentz will have more pressure considering his solid rookie season. Most of this suffering is the result of unlikely Eagles Super Bowl run, which was led by Nick Foles after Carson suffered from torn ACL in week 13.  

When the 2018 season started, things did not go as planned as he suffered another injury. Nick Foles had to take the role in making sure Eagles would be victorious. The pressure is so high for Carson, who was touted as the savior of the Eagles Football. Then again, Carson Wentz is talented. That said, you can expect his name to appear in the ballots.

Apart from Carson, Aaron Rodgers is also a favorite. Unfortunately, his supporting cast will make it difficult for him to grab the award. One of the rising stars that could have the potential to get the MVP award is Baker Mayfield of Browns. He has a strong sophomore season. But they want you to think twice on making a bet on this QB.

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You can sign up to their newsletter to give you updated picks that will boost your chances of winning the odds. Their team of experts is here to help you make smarter decisions before you even place your bets. There are several things that could happen when the MVP 2019 would be announced.
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