Get Your Golf Game Back Together After the Rainy Season

Golf is a great way to relax and be leisurely while still challenging yourself. During the unusually rainy season we had in Southern California, the avid player wasn’t able to work on their game as much. Golf is a game that you are faced with constantly beating yourself, and an extended winter with lapses in practicing or course time can cause you to be far from the low scores you’re accustomed to when you’re hitting the ball well.


As the weather warms and the greens get aerated, get your golf swing back in form by golfing at a stunningly-beautiful golf course. The Ranch at Laguna Beach features a gorgeous 9-hole golf course with stunning views that is both eyes-pleasing and challenging to both the pro and the beginner.


The course is carved into the lush walls of Aliso and Wood Canyons, providing a secluded, natural playing environment with breathtaking views and unique elevation changes on every hole. Look to The Ranch at Laguna Beach to provide you with the uniquely-designed holes and impeccable climate to help you get your golf game back together after the rainy season.


We Can Bring Your Game to the Next Level


At The Ranch at Laguna Beach players have a variety of resources to help them reach their full potential as a golfer. Group and private lessons for players of all ages are available with PGA and LPGA instructors.  The certified instructors have decades worth of experience in helping people in lengthening and straightening their drives, improving consistency on the fairways, and lowering scores through rock-steady putting instruction.


Trust The Ranch at Laguna Beach to be the perfect place to focus on improving your golf game.


Come for the Golf, Stay for the Amazing Amenities


The Ranch at Laguna Beach takes as much of the thinking and stress out of your experience with club cleaning services, online booking options for your tee times, TaylorMade club rentals and a sparkling 2016 Club Car Fleet that will fill your round with luxury and comfort.


Bring your swing where it once was among the fresh ocean breeze and scenic hills of The Ranch. At The Ranch at Laguna Beach we go the extra mile for our guests to ensure that they are able to get their golf game back together after the rainy seasons. To reserve a tee time, you can reach the clubhouse at The Ranch at Laguna Beach by calling (844) 493-0906.