Top Wheels for Mustang in 2019

The new year is here and it means it is time to refresh your Mustang’s wheels. Every generation of the Ford Mustang has a specific wheel that fits perfectly with the design. At Project 6GR, they love giving their clients some pieces of advice on how to make their Mustang stunning. On this list, you will find their top wheels for Mustang that you can grab in 2019.

1. Ten Gloss Black Finish

This wheel can fit an S197 and Shelby GT350. A gloss black finish is an instant classic for this kind of car that lets you add a fresh spin on your vehicle.

The multi-spoke build represents the modern identity of many wheels for Mustang that have taken on. For S197 owners, this back finish gives you a unique way of standing out from the rest of the custom car crowd. It is the go-to-look that offers perfection.

2. Ten Satin Graphite Finish

Ford Mustang produced a cutting-edge wheel in the Shelby. The wheel’s overall design offers a vindictive look with a serious appearance to the center of the wheel. The general appearance closely resembles some European designs. These wheels give your Shelby an utterly sinister look.

3. Brushed Titanium Custom Finish

Titanium can be a modern or a classic design, depending on who you will ask. But you can never go wrong with it.

It has an iconic look and feel that Mustang wheels bring to your Shelby makes them an ideal combination. They can also look great on your S197 as they can add a throwback string element to the exterior.

4. Five Gloss Black Finish

This set of wheels can make your old Mustang look authentic. The overall design will make you famous again to your friends.

These wheels for Mustang go so well with the body style of Dodge Challenger. They have been featured in several car show events in the US.

Experts in Custom Wheel

Top Wheels for Mustang

The main goal of Project 6GR is to provide their clients with excellent and stunning custom wheels for Mustang with over 500 fitments.

They work with a range of customers who own specific setups. By working closely with their fellow Mustang enthusiasts, they finally created the perfect setup.

The setup clears all brake applications. All their wheels are designed with your Ford Mustang in mind and with guaranteed compatibility.

It is rare to find a car enthusiast who does not have a classic Ford Mustang in his collection. Any Mustang will have a lot of appeal.

The latest Mustangs provide the style and performance that any car aficionados could want. Performance, fuel economy and features, the Ford Mustang can give you all of them.

However, if you wish to make your Mustang stand out from the crowd, take a look at Project 6GR custom rim finish. They have a variety of designs that you can have this 2019. All their Mustang wheels include a lifetime structural defect warranty.

If you need expert advice on wheels for Mustang, give them a call at 1(888) 714-7467.