Better Learning for Kids Through Hands on Animal Experiences

Hands on Animal Experiences

As a parent, you are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance the learning experiences of your children. You want your kids to get the most out of everything that they come across so even the fun moments in life that seem like play are teachable moments where they can learn. Studies have shown that people, adults, and children, learn better when they can experience something right in front of them in a hands on way. This is particularly true when it comes to having a good understanding of different animals and species through hands on animal experiences. Kids will learn better if they can see the animals up close and will understand more about how important each species is and what its role is on the planet.

Adding to Education

Experiences like taking your child to a reptiles zoo can give them a good understanding of the animal to start with. Zoos can be a great place for the education about animals to start since it gives some exposure to different animals and you can learn about particular species, how they live, and what they do. This experience may spark your children to want to learn more about a particular mammal, bird, insect or reptile. At this point, you can then arrange to take things a little bit further and provide them with a unique, hands on experience that adds to their overall education.

Touching and Interacting with Reptiles

The chance to touch and interact with different reptiles, insects, and animals can come from a variety of different sources, including places like Critter Squad. You can arrange for different types of parties or educational events at a daycare, preschool or school that can give the children a chance to see different reptiles, learn about them, and touch them and hold them in their hands. When a child experiences something like this, he or she is more likely to learn more about the particular species and want to continue learning more. This can spur their interest on even further so that they want to look up more information, read books, watch videos and more as time goes on.

Enhance the Learning Process

Allowing hands on experiences allows children to use their different senses and make a unique connection with animals that they may never get the chance to experience under normal circumstances. It brings a special connection to the children that helps to enhance the learning process, and it can be highly rewarding for them now and in later years in life.

Hands on Animal Experiences

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Spring is a Great Time for a Rainforest Party

Rainforest Party

Throwing a party for your kids does not have to be something that is strictly limited to birthdays. There are all kinds of times throughout the year where you may be looking for something fun to do with the kids to get them out of the house or shake off the boredom. This is particularly true when springtime finally rolls around. After being cooped up in the house all winter without much to do outside, the kids may be itching to find something fun to try. Now might be the perfect time for you to reach into your bag of tricks and pull out the stops for a fun rainforest party at the house.

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

When spring arrives, you are going to have the warmer weather to rely on where you can do some fun things outdoors. You also get the advantage of having longer daylight hours, so you have more time to do things outside than you had in the winter months. If you live in the right place and have a good yard to take advantage of, you have the great setting for your rainforest. You can use some of the existing trees and lawn areas that you have to set up some rainforest atmosphere. Perhaps you can set up a tent or two outside to give the kids a camp base to work with to start with. Even if you do not have yard space, you can decorate indoors with some great items from local party stores or shops online so that you can make any room seem like a tropical location.

Don’t Forget the Animals

Any rainforest party you are going to throw needs to have some animal presence in it to make the day complete. Here you have a bunch of options available to you, but there is nothing quite like turning to a place that can offer reptile parties in your home so you can have the real thing right there for the kids to touch and interact with during the party. Places like Critter Squad can bring a reptiles zoo to you so that you can have various reptiles present that fit your rainforest theme. You can get snakes, lizards, and insects on site to enhance the experience make it a party that none of the kids in attendance will ever forget.

Have Fun with It

The most important part of throwing a party like this is to make sure you and the kids have a lot of fun with it. You want the experience to be something you all will talk about for a long time and want to relive at some point down the road. Take your time to plan and put together a special party like this and make the details just right so you all have something to enjoy.



rainforest party


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Organize Unique Play Dates and Parties for Your Kids

Parties for Kids

Coming with new ways to entertain your children all of the time can be pretty challenging today. You hate the idea of the kids spending hour after hours glued to the television set or playing video games when there is so much more that they could be doing each day. No doubt you have friends and other parents in your area that feel the same way as you do, but finding new and fun things for kids to do that they will enjoy can leave you feeling stumped. If you are looking for some new and interesting ideas for unique play dates and parties for kids, here are a few suggestions for you:

  • A Superhero Day – you have heard all about the comic book and fantasy conventions that many adults go to today. Why not offer something like that on a smaller scale for all the kids? You can have a superhero day at the house where everyone comes dressed as his or her favorite superhero for the day. For kids that may not have a favorite superhero or a costume, set up a station with paper masks, and dress-up clothes where the kids can color the masks and create their own superhero identity. You can serve snacks, get superhero decorations and even play games like “find the villain” (a version of hide and seek or hide a stuffed animal dressed as a supervillain) to add to the fun.
  • Throw a Reptile Party – For something very different, you may want to think about having a theme party where you can incorporate different animals that the kids are interested in. Places like the Critter Squad can help you host reptile parties where you can have different reptiles brought right to your home by handlers and educators. The kids can get the chance to interact with the different snakes, turtles, lizards or other animals and it can be just like they are at their own reptiles zoo for the day. You can create a whole theme for the day around the party and have games and events before and after the presentation that relate to reptiles.

Use Your Imagination

The key to hosting unique play dates or parties for kids that the kids will love rests in your imagination. Get inventive and have fun with all different ideas to see what you can come up with to incorporate as many fun things as the kids enjoy. You will find that you can come up with some fantastic ideas that kids will love both in and out of the home that can create exciting days and memories.

Parties for Kids

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